To date, over 200 people have enjoyed my cooking classes and learned some new techniques along the way. My classes are offered weekday mornings and evenings, Saturday nights, and Sunday mornings. I have hosted couples, singles, under 30s, "girls night out," and lazy Sunday brunches. I can customize an event to fit your occasion! My weekday classes, Sunday brunch classes, and under 30s classes are all $36.00 per person. Saturday night classes are $50.00 per person.


I can cater intimate gatherings for up to 30 guests. And you will find my prices very affordable!

Dinner Parties:
-For dinner parties, I charge a minimum of $35.00 per person, but the fee may be adjusted depending on your menu preferences. For example, you could select a four-course meal, with an appetizer, salad, entree, and dessert - or you could go with something less extravagant. I also charge for groceries.
-For a party of 10 or larger, an extra assistant will be needed for an additional fee.
-I will arrive at the event location a few hours before the event, prepare everything in the designated kitchen, serve all courses, and clean up.

Family Style Dinners:
I charge a minimum of $75.00 plus cost of groceries; but just like the dinner party charge, this may also be adjusted depending on the amount of courses (as well as the amount of servings).

I can cater a large variety of new desserts for you that will thrill your family and friends!


The meals will be cooked in your home, labeled, and stored in your refrigerator for you to eat whenever you please. I can accomodate most dietary restrictions (vegetarian, gluten-free, kosher, etc.) so that you can enjoy any dish from any cuisine!

-This is a great way to try out my chef services or a nice gift to give to a busy loved one.
-It includes two full meals for a family of four; or three full meals for a couple.
-Each full meal consists of an entree and a side dish.
-This service is $150.00 plus cost of groceries.

Family Fun:
-A larger version of the aforementioned "traditional" service, the Family Fun option is something special for a busy family.
-This fantastic and worry-free way to feed your family includes five different customized meals (an entree and side dish for each meal) for a family of four.
-The Family Fun option amounts to 20 servings of the entree and side dish each, for a price of $400.00 plus cost of groceries.

Entree Only:
-This choice gives you the flexibility of making your own side dish (perhaps a vegetable or two) without having to worry about making an entree yourself.
-It consists of five different entrees (four servings of each one) for a total of 20 meals.
-This service is $250.00 plus cost of groceries.