My husband and I attended two "cooking with margot" events and enjoyed them both. We met interesting people, tried different cuisines, learned new techniques...and we laughed a lot! Margot takes a very casual, "anyone can do it" approach to her cooking classes so everyone feels comfortable jumping right in. We participated in a Saturday night class and a Sunday morning brunch and are looking forward to joining Margot for a third class!
Roni and Alan Wolk
Karen and I have found a perfect way to spend time with our friends, meet new people and enjoy each other's company. Not at a party, not at the movies, not in a restaurant - at Margot's Kitchen. At Margot's, couples like us gather for an unforgettable time with friends, food, wine and spirits. Margot's energy, enthusiasm and attention to detail is the heart of this unique experience. Leaving no detail behind, Margot prepares a step-by-step description and preps all the cooking ingredients necessary for the group to prepare a multi-course meal. Not just a meal - a cultural immersion into whichever country's dishes are featured for the event. If you think you know Mexican or Middle Eastern cuisine - think again. Using your own hands and Margot's tireless instructions and thoughtfully-selected ingredients you will find yourself preparing delicious ethnic dishes and elevating your tastes to new heights.

All the dishes, from the appetizers, to the soups, to the main course and dessert are eaten at the end of the evening at a dinner table and among your old friends, new friends and incredible dishes which materialized from your hands and Margot's meticulous planning.

Watch out Atlanta - there is an incredible chef, teacher, and a friend who successfully manages to put a little of her heart into every dish you make.

Thank you Margot for such a wonderful idea and such a meaningful experience. We are honored to cook and eat our delicious meals with you in your warm and open house.

We love you.
Jimmy Grinzaid
What a great evening! Not only did we learn to cook such fun and interesting dishes that I never thought I would make before (but will now) but Fred and I had so much fun meeting different people and enjoying the delicious food. Margot was so hospitable and welcoming. This is such a nice change to the old “out for dinner with friends on a Saturday night.” We will definitely do it again.
Elaine Brasch
I love Margot's cooking classes. They are tons of fun. We learn a lot, not only about cooking, but techniques, ingredients and style. The classes work well for experienced and inexperienced cooks. Also, love the daytime class options easy for people with evening commitments. A really good time with old and new friends, with the added benefit of learning.

Good Luck Margot ;-)
Judy Feuer
The most fun financial fundraiser I have ever attended, while enjoying the evening with great friends :)
Allan Regenbaum
i love trying new recipes and what a way to learn while enjoying the company of old & new friends, I have attended two classes and loved them both and will definitely do it again. Margot is a wonderful cook and her food is scrumptious. what a mitzvah she is doing for JNF.
Robyn Regenbaum
We had a fabulous time at Margot's couples cooking class! We all participated in the food prep while at the same time drinking wine, socializing with other couples, and having a great time. The food was fantastic as we all sat down to eat our bountiful meal!
Valerie and Michael Miller
Richard and I had so much fun in Margot’s kitchen! Usually we are focused on the details of the recipe, but during the evening with friends at Margot’s, we were with friends, tasting new treats, drinking good wine and, by the way — following a recipe! It was a great date night!
Beth and Richard Gluck
We have attended 2 "classes" cooking with Margot. We met new people, had fun with friends, new and old, learned special dishes and enjoyed a feast of flavors, camaraderie and also felt good knowing that some of the proceeds are helping Israel. We do recommend the "class" for all the above reasons and for the warmth that Margot receives her guests with. You don't feel like a guest, but part of the family, and she does put you to work! Great recipes, delicious food and a very entertaining evening is what we had and plan to have again soon!
Tamar and Guy Harari